Dear Automaton

see resume below

I've read little glimpses about your "Project X" and I think it sounds amazing! I saw you have a posting for a concept artist and I am really excited to send in my application.

I'm currently freelancing out of Sydney Australia as a illustrator/designer, for a few clients but most notably a program on the Australian History Channel. NDA's should be released soon :P I've also directed a music video and a few shorts on the side which I feel was made possible with the skills I've learned in illustration.

I am travelling through London between the 13th to the 20th of November 2017 and I understand you must hate drop-ins, but I would love for the opportunity to come in and chat about what you guys are working on if you feel there is any potential for me to be of service. In regards to Visa's, given I'm an Australian Citizen, I know I should have no problems getting a working Visa in the UK if that's required.

Many thanks



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