Dear Deck Nine

see resume below

I'm currently freelancing out of Sydney Australia as a illustrator/designer, for a few clients but most notably a program on the Australian History Channel. I've also directed a music video and a few shorts on the side which I feel was made possible with the skills I've learned in illustration.

In your job listing you talk about creating those illustrations that capture the essence of the story, whether it be in an environment, character or keyframe. I have a lot to learn but that is what I live for! I am so excited about the opportunity to apply for this role and I hope you find my work appropriate for what you're working on.

As I'm based in Australia, I imagine the work would be done remotely, but I love working with a team and I consider myself incredibly collaborative.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks



The Outlaws Batgirl
Outlaws Batgirl Process Gif jameschoe