Dear IO Interactive

see resume below

I'm currently working in Sydney Australia as a illustrator/designer for a Furniture company. I enjoy what I do, and I love the team I'm blessed to work with, however I know what I am drawn to is to tell stories and I admire the direction you guys at IO are taking with your new Hitman game. I would love to join your team in assisting you guys in creating a great experience.

I love designing characters because I am incredibly drawn to people. I think understanding human nature is the most important aspect to life and I try my best to incorporate that in the characters I design from the clothes they choose to wear, to the subtleties of their posture. Even to symbols and metaphors, all of these things impact the way we perceive a person and I that's why I'm passionate about creating these characters.

More than that though, I have no delusions and know I have so much to learn and I hope I can have the opportunity to learn and grow with your team while helping to create an unforgettable experience.