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This story at its simplest is about a girl (Hannah) that wants to be loved by her best friend (Cassie) and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Through the series of events and the way Hannah behaves, what I want to explore in this video is a sort of toxic, aggressive entitlement that Hannah feels she has towards having Cassie. It's more commonly a dangerous, masculine trait which we find in our world that leads to harassment, stalking and assault. This is a paranoid thriller about that.

We start off with the pair of them on a mission. Cassie's fiance Germany has gone missing and there is nothing more important to Cassie than to find him and rescue him. Find out where he is and what has happened to him. Hannah joins her as they go down a rabbit hole of clues - each one revealing just a bit more ever so vaguely. It's not until the last clue where everything clicks into place for Cassie. Germany had been unfaithful to her.

We reach the halfway point and this is where we change perspective for a bit. We go back in time to the engagement of Cassie and Germany. There are smiles everywhere... except on Hannahs face. She's not happy in the slightest about whats happening. We start to see that she's been obsessed and still is obsessed with Cassie. When Cassie and Germany are out, not only does she know, she is there watching from afar, stewing in anger. Cassie was supposed to be hers.

In the finale of the music video we are pummeled with images that reveal all the clues from the first half of the video being laid out by Hannah. This was her malicious attempt to mislead Cassie into thinking Germany cheated on her when he never did. 

In the present moment we find that Cassie is emotionally devastated and vulnerable - and this is the vulnerable emotional state Hannah manipulated and is going in for a kiss with Cassie. 

While this is happening we're cutting back and forth as we watch a psychotic Hannah find and murder Germany. Every blow she strikes against Germany.. ----We see it juxtaposed with impassioned making out between Hannah and Cassie - the innocent victim.

This is Hannah's victory.



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The two of them come back to this ever growing web of clues

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