We're in a cold country area in Russa circa 1970's. We watch as Eleanor is being escorted to a helicopter surrounded by some CIA agents. As she approaches the helicopter she turns around to see Johnny - a CIA agent who was her handler. Johnny is sad to see Eleanor leave. Eleanor is being exfiltrated out of Communist Russia.

This story is about missing Eleanor after she's gone. It's also about Johnny regretting the way he left things with her

            We're back in the CIA offices following Johnny as he's pulls out a map with a location marked for a dead drop. He's getting ready to go pick up the intel but it's different this time. He doesn't have Eleanor by his side. He leaves the building and is walking down the street. Noticing that he's being followed by the KGB he jolts down an alley, flips his jacket inside out and puts on a fake moustache to avoid being recognized.

               Johnny is making his way down an empty street but he's seeing a reflection in the windows of the closed shopfront. But rather than seeing his reflection, he's seeing a flashback in the reflection of Eleanor being chased by a couple of KGB agents. Johnny is running after Eleanor's reflection. Then we see as Eleanor is being chased by the KGB, a hand comes out of nowhere and pulls Eleanor into an alleyway. We see that Johnny was also in the flashback saving Ella from being captured. They're hiding behind a bin as the KGB keep running down the road unaware of their hiding spot.

For the chorus we go into a flashback of Johnny and Ella in an abandoned warehouse. They're hiding from the KGB but they're still having fun together dancing. This is one of the good memories. Johnny wakes up from flashback trance and is back on the road in the present.

          He pulls out the map he had from the CIA office and finds the dead drop buried between two trees at a park.

            Back at home we see the package was wrapped by Ella with some top secret print outs of some missile schematics and a few canisters of film. But under all that is also a frame of the two of them together smiling. This triggers another flashback in Johnny and we see them together doing dangerous but exhilerating spy stuff together. But then we flashback to the moment where Ella was being chased by the CIA. Her cover is blown.

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It makes Johnny sad but Ella is now persona non grata. She needs to be sent back to the USA. On a quiet night after a glass of wine, he passes her a new passport and a few documents. Ella looks sad too but she knew this was coming. They're going to have to part.

They're on the way to the helipad where the CIA is awaiting them and we flow right into the prologue as we watch Ella being escorted to helicopter. There's Johnny watching looking upset. But in this version just as Ella is boarding the helicopter Johnny runs out for her. Holds her, and kisses her. This is what he needed to do for the love he felt for her.

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The two of them come back to this ever growing web of clues

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